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Lorne Richardson

A lifelong artist, Lorne has always explored his artistic expression, through different medium, across different periods of his life but it is to oil paints that he always returns. He likes to paint pictures that have meaning or memories attached and feels that this provides the perfect combination of aesthetic impact and emotional effect. The vibrant permanence of oil paint, and the versatility of brushes and palette knives, allows him to connect with the subject and the ability to convey a feeling rather than just an image on the canvas.  Lorne’s artistic output evolves and changes over time however his style does not attach to one single genre. He enjoys the workability of traditional oil paints and often will be working on a series of landscape paintings while at the same time creating a large abstract piece as a commission. He sees every painting as a journey; the production of artwork and self-expression he considers, ‘an itch that must be scratched’ so the dedication to spend time, in conveying his work to canvas, comes naturally. Living and working in the South Downs National Park, Lorne draws inspiration from the beauty of the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex countryside.

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