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Caring for your new artwork

This artwork has been painted in the traditional way using materials and methods that have been tried and tested over centuries and, if looked after, is intended to last for many lifetimes.
There are a few simple ways of looking after these paintings.
1. The safest place for the painting is hanging on the wall, where it can be enjoyed and is less likely to be damaged, so it is advised to hang your picture as soon as possible in a suitable location.
2. The painting is done on stretched canvas which is a flexible material. Take care not to poke, prod or damage it with sharp objects.
3. The oil paints are manufactured to have a long permanence so will stay vibrant for many years however this will be shortened if you hang the picture in direct sunlight.
4. The painting will have areas, known as impasto, where the paint is thick and raised from the surface of the canvas. For this reason, it is not advised to have a glass cover touching the surface because these impasto areas will press against the glass and have a negative effect on the picture. Glass also tends to cause a reflection and make it difficult to see the whole picture clearly.
5. Although the painting is ‘dry’ traditional oil paints take six months to properly ‘cure’ so please take extra care with your painting while the paints harden if the painting was recently finished.
6. The painting does not need regular cleaning. A quick wipe with a duster to remove any dust build up once a year is sufficient. After 25 years the painting may need a wipe with a damp cloth, depending on its location. Do not use any cleaning products on the painting as they may damage the paint or the canvas. If after 50 years the colours seem less vibrant, there may be a build-up of grime on the surface from the air in which case, the painting should be cleaned by a professional art cleaner.
7. Always keep the receipt and any other information you have about the painting to maintain the provenance of your artwork. This will help maintain its value over time.

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