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The South Downs Views

November 2022

A small collection of works celebrating the beauty of the South Downs.
Available from 1st November at GALLERY No30


The South Downs Views

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This small collection of works celebrates the beauty of the South Downs and was painted throughout the summer of 2022.
Available from 1st November at GALLERY No30 or buy direct from the website.
The paintings will be slightly discounted at the gallery so that it's worth making the journey to see the paintings in real life, and for those considering making a purchase or even for anyone just wanting to see some great art, they will be able to buy themselves a coffee while they are there enjoying the paintings.


August 2022

These amazing golden views are everywhere for a few weeks in the summer. Cycling around Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire during these times is amazing, with this scenery around every corner, the bales give the extra dimension that catches my eye and the blue sky and sunshine just makes the gold of the fields pop. The quintessential British summer picture.


July 2022

This view is looking across the maize fields, while the sun sets, on the way home after a long evening walk. The fading light just catches some of the leaves enough so that you can tell it's the sweetcorn crop.


April 2022

This view is looking back across the fileds at Stoughton Down. A great place to ride; before going home, walkers and cyclists all like to sit and admire the views when they return to the car. This painting really captures that spring sunshine flooding the fields.


August 2022

This view is looking across the fields of growing brassica. The Southdowns Way passes through here and this is such an amazing place to stop for a minute and take in the scenery.


May 2022

This view is looking across the shingle beach towards the South as the sun has just come up. The Sea Cale casting long shadows across the pebbles as the tide ebbs away.

The South Downs Views: Exhibitions
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